Who am I?


Born and rised in the northern part of Norway, now living in the south. Im a 38 year old guy (pr. year 2020), father, business owner and an investor.
I mainly invest in the Norwegian stock market, but also looking into other markets.

My path on the hydrogen journey started in early 2016 (january to be specific) when I was introduced to a Norwegian stock listed company called NEL ASA. I became an investor in the company and started my due diligence about the company and did quite some research about the company itself and its sector. I early found that this could be something really really big. I`ve been daily active on Shareville, which is a forum owned by the Norwegian trading bank, Nordnet.

Where is my path?

What is my goal?

DISCLAIMER: (I do not recommend go all in in any company in the stock market. A diversified portfolio spread in different sectors is my recommendation. However I personally have taken this risk based on a combination of my years of knowledge about the sector and what I believe is the future .)